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General Farm Worker

  • Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship as a General Farm Worker

All candidates will work towards the apprenticeship standard and the completion of the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements.

General Farm Workers are essential in the day to day running of a farm. The purpose of this occupation is to support the operations  of farm enterprises through many different duties like maintaining health and safety, biosecurity, engaging with third parties and customers,                   maintaining the crops, handling animals and ensuring their welfare is priority, general                     maintenance, maintaining and cleaning machinery.

A General Farm Workers role is likely to specialise in either Livestock or Crop. During this apprenticeship standard you will complete the apprenticeship standard and also choose an optional pathway depending on the job role. These options are either Livestock Worker or Crop Worker.

On a daily basis a general farm worker will interact with the farm team, reporting to a line manager as well as reporting to stakeholders and vets etc.

This is a hands on jobs role with lots of time spent outside. This role will fill your days with many different duties giving you the opportunity to experience the many different aspects of farm work.

Typical job titles for this occupation include assistant herdsperson, general farm operative, shepherd, stock person and tractor driver.

As an apprentice, the nature of your work will depend on your employer. Most farm businesses are small, so you’ll find yourself playing an important role in a variety of tasks and developing plenty of useful skills like:

  • Promoting animal health and maintaining a satisfactory environment
  • Health, biosecurity and welfare
  • Recognise good and poor quality crops
  • Nutrition
  • Handling, moving and breeding