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Countryside Worker

Key Info:

The Countryside Worker qualification is suited to those wanting to take care of protected landscapes such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Nature Reserves as well as private landed estates and parks.

In order to start the Countryside Worker qualification, candidates must have a work placement. The candidate must be paid the Apprenticeship Wage as a minimum, but many employers pay a bit more. The position should ideally be for at least 30 hours per week. If you are already employed, working requirements can be negotiated depending on existing experience.

Personal qualities required to work in this sector

If you're already working in an outdoor role, it is likely you will naturally possess many of the personal qualities that are suited to this sector. Due to the type of work and daily activities involved, countryside workers typically have a passion for the outdoors and are willing to work outside in all weather. 

How long will it take to complete?
At Level 2, candidates can expect to complete in 18 months. Completion times may vary and are dependent on a range of factors including candidate ability, previous experience and working hours.

How will the qualifications be achieved?

The majority of training will be completed in the workplace and your County Training assessor will also visit you on a regular basis to provide theory support and monitor your progression and portfolio creation.

Apprenticeships offer candidates a full package of qualifications known as a Standard. All candidates are required to work towards maths, English.

Qualification information & content
Level 2 Countryside Worker

Level 1 Funcional skills (learners will be expected to work towards Level 2)

For further information please see the institute for Apprenticeship website - Countryside Worker Standard.
Contact: 0345 6789023