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Apprentice Agriculture and Stock Assistant

JR Lay

Agriculture business - Employer's Details

Vacancy Summary

Reference No.VAC001588408
Weekly Wage:£176
Working week:Monday to Friday plus 1 in 3 weekends for about 2.5 hours per weekend Total hours per week: 44.00 (the hours are based on the candidate being over 18)
Duration:12 months
Start date:2/12/2019
Apprenticeship level:2
Closing Date:1/12/2019

Apprenticeship Details

This is an exciting opportunity to work for JR Lay Farms, gaining skills and knowledge of agriculture while working towards a level 2 qualification in this area.

As an Agriculture apprentice you will work under the supervision and direction of the Employers, ensuring the correct management, maintenance, and operation of all machinery and equipment.

Your key duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Working in accordance with Farm policies, practices and procedures
  • Taking daily care of the livestock
  • Monitoring and maintaining health, safety and security in the workplace
  • Promoting good standards of health and safety
  • Transporting farm materials and supplies
  • Implementing plans for pest control
  • Monitoring and maintaining livestock on outdoor sites
  • Preparing outdoor sites for the introduction of livestock
  • Implementing and maintaining hygiene and biosecurity measures
  • Monitoring the provision of food and water to livestock
  • Monitoring and evaluating livestock intake of feed and water
  • Controlling the movement of livestock from one location to another
  • Controlling and restraining livestock using specified measures
  • Assisting with the selection of livestock
  • Assisting with preparing livestock for transfer
  • Preparing livestock accommodation
  • Receiving livestock in and evaluating their accommodation
  • Disposing of dead animals
  • Preparing a tractor or other self-propelled vehicle with attachments for operation
  • Operating a tractor or other self-propelled vehicle and its attachments
  • Carrying out maintenance procedures
  • Preparing equipment and machines for maintenance
  • Preparing power tools and attachments for use
  • Operating power tools and attachments
  • Maintaining and developing personal performance
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others
  • Receiving and transmitting information within the work place
  • Giving customers and visitors a positive impression of yourself and the organisation
  • Identifying and resolving difficulties with colleagues
  • Maintaining records within the workplace
  • Receiving and communicating information
  • Using, maintaining and repairing hand held equipment
  • Operating plant and machinery


In addition to the duties set out here, you may at any time be required to undertake additional or other duties as necessary to meet the needs of the business. Although the main emphasis is on livestock there is loader and tractor work throughout the year. The business also has a woodland that requires work. This job will provide a wide experience of a variety of activities.

You will need to apply for this vacancy via, by clicking on the link above. If you have not used this service previously, you will need to register before submitting your application. Please email if you require support.

Employer's Details

J R Lay Farms is a family farm of around 1200 acres, which specialises in Arable, beef and sheep farming. Forward thinking, the farm is run with modern machinery. The beef cattle are bought as stores (growing animals up to 2 years old) and then finished. Feeding is with a Keenan to get the most out of the cattle. The sheep are bought in as young females around 6 months old. They are kept on winter fodder crops and grass until ready to sell the following summer. The farm does not lamb the sheep. There are many aspects to the mixed farm business, including woodland.