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NURSERY - Employer's Details

Vacancy Summary

Reference No.VAC001838459
Weekly Wage:£144.30
Working week:30
Duration:15 months
Start date:1/08/2022
Apprenticeship level:Intermediate Level Apprenticeship
Closing Date:15/07/2022

Apprenticeship Details


  • To assist with planning activities, experiences and opportunities which support all areas of children’s development
  • Ensure good hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times
  • To assist a key person with a group of children and ensure relevant and appropriate documentation (including observations and assessments) is undertaken on the children and that there is regular liaising with parents/carers
  • To assist all staff and engage in a good staff team
  • To attend all in and out of working hours activities eg staff meetings, training, fund raising events
  • To undertake certain domestic duties within the setting e.g. cleaning equipment, attending to laundry
  • To play with the children in both the indoor and outdoor environment supporting their Learning and Development
  • Support good relationships and communication with parents/carers to facilitate day to day caring needs of the children
  • To assist with the safety of the children at all times e.g. ensuring parents/carers sign in/out, undertaking evacuation drills
  • To assist with the provision of a high quality, friendly, caring and relaxing environment to meet the needs of individual children
  • To assist with planning as required in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and any other current legislation
  • To follow and adhere to all of Mount Lane Day Care Nursery/Club 5-11 policies and procedures, paying particular attention to the safeguarding policy and conforming with this at all times.
  • Support and assist children’s mealtimes ensuring food is appropriate to the children’s needs
  • Support and assist any medical requirements of both children and adults
  • Support and assist toileting and nappy changing needs of children
  • Support and assist any rest/sleep needs of the children
  • To work as part of a team and on own initiative
  • Support and assist with stock control within your area
  • Support and assist with rota’s to promote shared responsibilities with jobs such as cleaning, washing toys etc
  • Support and assist with flexibility in hours worked and area of work
  • Support and assist with working in cooperation with any other agencies
  • Support and assist with any financial/administration work
  • To support and assist all daily routines ensuring that they are adhered to.
  • To keep informed of current initiatives.
  • To demonstrate the positive values, attitudes and behaviour expected from the children.



Employer's Details



Mount Lane Day Care Nursery opened on 4th June 1990 and still remains with the original owners. We are a local, family run business that specialise in childcare for children aged 3 months to 11 years. We have space for 105 children in total including; 25 babies, 24 toddlers, 40 pre-school and 26 out of school aged children. We are open from 07:30 and close at 18:00, Monday to Friday. We only close for 1 week of the year between Christmas and New Year.


Mount Lane

Market Drayton