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IT Professional Competence (Level 2 and 3)

Key Info

Information and Communication Technology, or ICT, is all around us and plays a central part in all of our lives. It is a sector which is growing and advancing all of the time and good ICT skills are becoming an essential quality all employers look for in their employees. The IT Professional Competence qualification helps candidates learn and understand the development of computer solutions that help businesses and individuals become more successful in their work. IT professionals serve customers in all types of business. Roles could include being a support technician, website administrator, software/web developer, helpdesk technician or database administrator, with a vast range of progression opportunities available. 

Who are these qualifications for?

The range of optional units available within this qualification allows candidates and employers to tailor this qualification to meet the needs of the business and help candidates grow within their existing job role and skill set. The Level 2 is suited to system analysts, support technicians and software development. Level 3 is ideal for those looking to develop their knowledge and skills further. 

What are the entry requirements?

In order to start an IT Professional Competence qualification, candidates must have a work placement. The candidate must be paid the Apprenticeship Wage as a minimum, but many employers pay a bit more. The position should ideally be for at least 30 hours per week.  If you are already employed, working requirements can be negotiated depending on existing experience. 

Personal qualities required to work in this sector

If you’re already working in an IT role, it is likely you will naturally possess many of the personal qualities that are suited to this sector. Due to the type of work and daily activities involved, candidates are required to have excellent communication and people skills along with an enthusiasm for technology. 

In some roles, individuals need to have the ability to respond quickly and be able to work well under pressure, whilst operating effectively with other team members. A good understanding of IT and a technical mind is key to success in this fast moving and ever-changing industry.

Qualification information & content

How long will it take to complete?

The Level 2 qualification will take between 12 to 15 months to complete. At Level 3, candidates can expect to complete in 12 to 18 months. Completion times may vary and are dependent on a range of factors including candidate ability, previous experience and working hours.

How will the qualifications be achieved?

Qualifications are largely work-based. Candidates will have an assessor who will visit them at work on a regular basis to document progress through observations, discussions and witness testimonies from managers. Depending on your current circumstances some individuals will just work towards the vocational qualification, whilst others may work towards an Apprenticeship.

Progression Opportunities:

On completion of the Level 2 qualification candidates may progress onto higher level qualifications such as the Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence, Level 4 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence or Higher Education such as a Foundation Degree or Honours Degree in IT Management for Business or other non-IT sectors such as Management, Finance or Business Skills

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