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Spanish – Beginners

Course Details

About the course:

This Spanish Beginners course is focused on learning the basics of the Spanish language. The course targets vocabulary and expressions that can be useful when facing daily life situations or when travelling, such as asking for directions, whether a place is open or not, how much an item is, booking a hotel room when travelling, etc working on the students speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.



By the end of the course you can expect to be able to do the following;

  • Use basic expressions in Spanish when meeting someone.
  • Ask for directions and for help in certain situations.
  • Ask for a hotel room and booking ahead by phone
  • Find out about public times, such as a train, or plane times
  • Ask whether a place is open or not.

You will need:

Course book (Talk Spanish1) and notebook and pen.

Your tutor will supply: 

Handouts and worksheets will be provided during the course.

Your Tutor:

Juan Rodriguez Bastidas is a philosophy graduate with a master’s degree in teaching. He has taken courses, several in language teaching methodology, including the CELTA course

What Next:

A continuation of the course in the next Term.

How to Book

Call the Gateway Centre on 01743 562063


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