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French Improvers (Fri)

Course Details

About the course

Building on the French Beginners course or other prior knowledge, this course will help you speak with more confidence and fluency on a variety of different topics.


Students should be familiar with basic structures and vocabulary

By the end of the course you can expect to be able to:

Conduct a conversation on a variety of everyday topics such as:

  • Talking about yourself and expressing opinions
  • Your work and current routines
  • Your local environment
  • Holidays and excursions
  • Future plans
  • Aspects of French culture.

You will need...

Paper and a pen or pencil for making notes, A4 ring binder for keeping handouts and any French-English dictionary would be useful

Your tutor will supply...

Handouts and free internet resources

About your Tutor

An experienced tutor of a variety of students of all ages and levels, Yvonne Hill loves passing on the many benefits of learning a foreign language and aims to do so in a fun, lively and approachable way.

What Next?

A continuation of this course in the next term.

How to Book

Call the Gateway Centre on 01743 562063



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