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Spanish Conversation

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About the course:

Are you interested in the Hispanic culture? Would you like to practise your Spanish talking about a range of subjects, such as cultural events, traditions or current affairs? This Spanish Conversation course aims at developing the students spoken skills by discussing several subjects, which would help them increase their understanding of the Hispanic world and improve their understanding about its characteristics.



Intermediate or higher

By the end of the course you can expect to;

  • Have improved your ability to express your opinions when having conversations about different topics in the target language in a number of contexts.
  • Have raised awareness about some of the most important traditions and cultural events from the Hispanic world.
  • Have worked on your receptive skills by watching and reading materials from different sources in the target language.
  • Have become aware of some of the ongoing social issues in Spain or Spanish-speaking countries.

You will need:

A pen and notebook, internet connection to access teh resources ahead of the lessons.

Your tutor will supply: 

Resources, such as videos, documentaries and articles, throughout the course.

Your Tutor:

Juan Rodríguez Bastidas is a philosophy graduate with a master’s degree in teaching. He has taken courses several in language teaching methodology, including the CELTA course. 

What Next:

A continuation of this course in the next term.

How to Book

Call the Gateway Centre on 01743 562063


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