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Mindfulness for well being

Course Details

About the course:

Mindfulness is being more aware of thoughts, feelings and actions moment by moment. By building our ability to be mindful more of the time, we can begin to respond to our inner life, our experiences and to other people in more helpful ways, rather than reacting in habitual ways which may not be helpful. The course supports people to develop mindfulness through practising sitting and movement meditation, and through discussion and inquiry into experience.


Suitable for Beginners.

By the end of the course you can expect to, by practising mindfulness at least four times a week

  • Be able to explain three key ideas or principles of mindfulness
  • Be able to describe how learning relates to own experiences
  • Identify at least two benefits from mindfulness practice
  • Have applied mindfulness practice to an everyday life experience

You will need:

Cushion, yoga mat and/or blanket, please wear comfortable clothing.

Your tutor will supply:

Handouts and additional reading, suggestions for further study.

Your Tutor:

Julie Howe worked in the NHS for many years, specializing in Mental Well-being improvement, before moving to tutoring. She trained as a Mindfulness teacher in 2013 and also teaches English.

What Next:

Living Mindfully is a monthly course for people who want to continue to practice in a group.

How to Book

Call the Gateway Centre on 01743 562063


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