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Modern Calligraphy Beginners

Course Details

About the course:

The course aims to provide an introduction to modern calligraphy for beginners, but participants with previous experience are also welcome. The aim is to be proficient with the use of a pointed nib by the end of the course and practice using ‘pressure and release’ to provide thick and thin pen strokes. Beginners will start by exploring this technique using soft pencils and students will be able to progress and explore these techniques using different writing implements at their own pace.


Beginners (but students with some experience are also welcome);

By the end of the course you can expect to do the following;

  • Use a range of different writing implements including pointed and broad-edged nibs.
  • Understand the principles of good lettering
  • • Produce some simple pieces of calligraphy such as name cards and greetings cards
  • More advanced students should be able to write out a short poem or quote

You will need:

  • Pencils: Soft pencils (2B or softer) for writing with and hard pencil (H) for drawing lines.
  • Dip pens with flexible pointed nibs for modern calligraphy or with broad-edged (e.g. William Mitchell) nibs for Classical calligraphy and calligraphy ink. (Available to try and to buy)
  • Ruler, eraser, water pot and kitchen towel/ absorbent paper.
  • Layout paper, or other thin paper that does not bleed (e.g. Hewlett Packard). Cartridge paper for projects.

Your tutor will supply: 

Dip pens and nibs for students to try and to buy, inks and gouache, paper, card, other various writing implements, also some paper to use and/ or purchase.

Your Tutor:

Your tutor is an experienced calligrapher with an infectious enthusiasm and love for this art form.

What Next:

Further courses at more advanced levels..

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