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Sustainable living

Course Details

About the course:

A practical workshop for anyone who wants to make changes to reduce their personal carbon footprint. We will start the first session by calculating our carbon footprints and then look at ways to reduce them, across five areas of impact:

  • What we buy and throw away
  • How we travel
  • How we power our homes and workplaces (including heat loss)
  • How we manage land (including our gardens)
  • How we manage our money (including pensions)

Participants will be able to opt from a number of suggested lifestyle changes to create a personalised plan of action. In the second session we will review progress and look at overcoming any barriers.

Level: Everyone

You will need:

Please bring information on any of the above that affect you; you might also like to keep a diary of what you buy in the week before the course.

Your tutor will supply:

Any resources needed

Your Tutor

Julie is usually an English tutor but she is also a member of Zero Carbon Shropshire and interested in how we can all play a part in reducing our carbon footprints.

What Next

There is lots of support available to help you continue to live more sustainably which will be signposted on the course.

How to Book
Call the Gateway Centre on 01743 562063



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