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County Training Supports Mencap’s Learning Disability Week

Learning Disability Week is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness of topics related to learning disabilities. This year the theme is highlighting the importance of friendship during lockdown. It is also a time to focus on our understanding of learning disabilities, which is of importance in the social care and education sectors. We have put together some useful information in support of the week.

The importance of staying connected and maintaining friendships

Sharon Witterick, the Health and Social Care Curriculum Manager from County Training, said “These have been exceptionally tough times for everyone, we have encouraged people to stay in touch with each other. The days of lockdown can prove to be even more difficult for individuals who experience learning disabilities. In our Adult care programmes, we recommend that people stay connected as much as possible, whether this is with family members, friends, or a particular support worker it is very important for our general well-being. This contact can be achieved through WhatsApp, messenger, Face Time, Microsoft Teams (for help with work), texts and phone calls. We believe that it’s important to maintain a meaningful routine, and community befriending projects can create great opportunities and have a positive impact.”

This was a sentiment echoed by Julie Wall, a Skills Assessor with County Training, who said “Children with learning disabilities can often experience loneliness and social isolation and educating teaching assistants and support workers that work with children with learning difficulties is really important. We have continued throughout the lock down period to support all our students through various media. It is vital through this difficult period that learners are able to discuss their concerns regarding their new work arrangements and also supporting them in this difficult time. The courses that we offer range from residential childcare, early years and supporting teaching and learning”.

The importance of increasing understanding of learning disabilities

Increasing understanding of learning disabilities within the social care and education sectors is vital. County Training offer a good variety of free (subject to eligibility) distance learning courses, which are ideal for anyone working in these areas, or wishing to in the future (see below for details).

Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Level 2 Certificate in Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Difficulties

Level 2 Certificate in Autism

These courses are very popular and give a clear insight into different aspects of learning disabilities and how to support individuals. Julie Wall commented “I have found the distance learning courses at County Training to be very informative. They have increased my understanding in several topics and assisted me with supporting individuals in the workplace. These courses are user friendly and very enjoyable and I highly recommended them.”

Date: 17/06/2020